Ski The World

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It’s in the Guinness Book of Records: 365 consecutive days of skiing in 240 resorts in 13 countries; 3680 miles on skis – more than 4 million vertical feet.

Extract from the FT, October 15, 1994 after 42 weeks of skiing every day – with only another 10 weeks to go.

We have been interviewed by 14 TV stations, 11 radio programmes and 56 newspapers, including one from Japan that we could not read, and everywhere we go, certain questions are asked again and again:

“How long will your every-day of the year trip last?”

Er…well, a year.

“But you don’t ski on days when you fly?”

Er…yes. That’s the whole point.

We ski any time, any place, if necessary. At midnight, at dawn, in a field, off a cliff. If there’s snow, we ski it. If there’s not, we find it. If we can’t find it, we ask someone to make us some. Our daily priorities are simple: breathe, eat and ski.”

Foreword by Clint Eastwood

© Arnie Wilson